The Carnival's Master (or something like this...)

Most mornings in January's weekends Salgueiro can appreciate the most famous (and infamous) Carnival Master of all history: Mestre Jaime (Master James), who is known as one of the icons of Pernambuco's culture.

Today, 01/15/12, Mestre Jaime can be seen fixing some of his Bicharada puppets. Bicharada is a bunch of puppets that are carried on the shoulders by people. The puppets are made of a metal wired armature to which the clothes and head are linked. The reward for the men who carry the Bicharada puppets is cachaça (liquor), five Reais ($) and pride of being part of it all!

Mestre Jaime is near 90 years of age and, in 2010, he was honored in Pernambuco's Carnival when all the people from the State celebrated his story and his tradition.

Two Bicharada's puppets

Master James working

Rodolfo Nícolas is a fan of Master James, a man without fear.

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Muito bom msm! (o teclado desta biboca num tem acento...)

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